Interested in having your portrait taken?

I tend to avoid the eye of the lens myself and prefer being behind the camera! I am acutely aware how uncomfortable it can be to be photographed, how unforgiving the camera can be and how distasteful it is to find unflattering photos of oneself out in the public realm.  It's with all that in mind, and likely the eye of an artist, that I approach portraiture. Trust that my ultimate goal is to capture you at your very best.

  • Location: At your home or the location of your choice, in London, though traveling could be arranged.

  • Style: Natural, un-staged. From experience, the optimal pictures are snapped when I catch you not posing.

  • Deliverables: Many photographers, for obvious reasons, choose to keep hold of their pictures' rights and charge clients for the photoshoot then each individual print / reprint. I think it's important that YOU fully own your own image, outright so I give clients full ownership of their images to enjoy unsparingly. You will receive a selection of the best high res edited pictures within days of the shoot and can then choose to share and print them however YOU like.

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  • Referral program: Receive a complimentary Express Package for yourself or to use as a gift for any two packages purchased by people you refer.

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